Parallels lists 3rd party apps supported inside its virtual machines

Today Parallels launches its own Software Certification Program: pretty similarly to what VMware did with its Certified Virtual Appliance, the company lists the applications that are supported by their 3rd party ISVs and by Parallels itself.

As always having such list is very useful for customers, which still find themselves fighting with support challenges in virtualization adoption projects.

Unfortunately the list of products supported inside Parallels containers (in case of Virtuozzo) or virtual machines (in case of Workstation and Desktop) is very limited: the only major enterprise application listed seems the IBM DB2.

Hopefully, this list will be greatly enriched for the launch of Parallels Server, the company’s hypervisor which we all hope to see unveiled at the upcoming Apple WWDC conference next month.

Update: The list doesn’t publish a couple of enterprise products, Office and Visual Studio, among the certified applications, despite Parallels recently closed a major OEM agreement with Microsoft to deliver these applications to the Apple community by Parallels Desktop.
This should imply that Microsoft officially supports both products on Parallels virtual machines.