Dice reports a 40% increase in the demand for virtualization jobs

Just in December 2007 the online career board Dice published an article about the new job opportunities that virtualization can offer (the article mentions a post published by virtualization.info in October 2006 about the new skills to look for in virtualization professionals).

Now, in the May issue of its monthly report about the job market trends, Dice reveals how the demand for virtualization jobs increased by 40% over just six months.

Not surprisingly most of the announcements (more than 1,500 reported) look for VMware skills, with only a few ones about Xen or Hyper-V skills.

virtualization.info offers a job board as well, powered by SimplyHired, and the results confirm such proportion: over 7,500 jobs related to VMware, over 290 to Xen, and just 57 to Hyper-V.
How many related to the general keyword virtualization? Over 5,300.