KVM reaches version 65, to support memory ballooning in Linux kernel 2.6.25

KVM, the The open source bare-metal hypervisor included in the Linux kernel, reaches version 65 landing on the IBM s390 mainframe architecture.

Anthony Liguori, one of its contributors (and once Xen developer), reveals that this first version for s390 already supports 64-way virtual machines.

Other major features are in the hypervisor roadmap.

Some of them will provide KVM memory management capabilities that are famous in VMware ESX: the memory balooning (also available in Citrix XenServer) and the page sharing.
Both should appear in this Q2 2008 (memory ballooning in particular is expected with the upcoming Linux kernel 2.6.25.

Download KVM-65 here if you don’t want to wait for the official inclusion in the next kernel build.