VMware Workstation 6.5 and ACE 2.5 hit beta 1 milestone

Finally VMware opens to a wide audience Workstation 6.5 and ACE 2.5 beta (build 84113) bits.

As virtualization.info readers know since a couple of weeks, the feature list of Workstation 6.5 introduces some interesting things like the seamless window technology that VMware calls Unity (a detailed list of its capabilities is available here) and the low level debugging engine VProbe.

ACE 2.5 instead doesn’t introduce any major feature besides the higher integration level with Workstation: as already reported, now every Workstation 6.5 copy can produce ACE VMs and customers only require a dedicate license for the Management Server or the ACE VMs installed where there is no Workstation available.

Enroll for the Workstation 6.5 beta program or the ACE 2.5 beta program.