Virtualization Congress launches Call for Startups competition

It’s not a secret that many venture capital firms are targeting virtualization these days. So launching a new tech company may be easier than usual when it’s time to raise some funds. But winning the market for a virtualization startup is a completely different story.

For each market segment there are three or four competitors, plus at least another ten in stealth mode.
On top of that there are the big players, like VMware, Citrix and Microsoft, which have endless resources and are launching new solutions in most areas every two months.

In short, standing in the crowd is less easy than ever before. But at Virtualization Congress 2008 we have a special place for the newest virtualization companies.

Today we will launch the Call for Startups competition (read the official press release).

What’s the prize?

One keynote in the middle of the day (we have two to assign, one for each day of the conference).

The winners will have the exclusive chance to launch their brand and product on stage, in front of Virtualization Congress audience.

A big company launch at zero marketing cost.

Which kind of audience will be reached?

First – all the potential customers that will attend the Virtualization Congress, along with the potential technology partners (and buyers) that will appear at the event.

Besides that, we are inviting influential journalists, well-known industry analysts, successful venture capital firms and angel investors.

Are there other benefits?

We’ll arrange a special meeting with our exclusive sponsor for this competition: Sierra Ventures.

What are the requirements?

Any startup which is in stealth mode today and will keep this status until Oct. 15-16, 2008 is welcome to apply by August 31.