Citrix opens XenDesktop beta program

Announced in October 2007, XenDesktop is the upcoming Citrix VDI solution that will merge together capabilities from Provisioning Server (the OS provisioning platform), XenServer (the hypervisor) and the now defunct Desktop Server (the connection broker).

Citrix finally opens the beta program and reveals its key features:

  • Desktop Delivery Controller
    Connects office workers to their personalized desktops with the best performance, ease of use and rich desktop experience.
  • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure
    Enterprise-class virtualization infrastructure that creates the foundation for delivering virtual desktops and offers advanced management features.
  • Virtual Desktop Provisioning
    Stream a single desktop image to create many virtual desktops in the data center on demand, enabling simplified management and lower network storage costs.
  • XenDesktop Setup Tool
    A simple wizard to enable IT to quickly create and deliver hundreds of virtual desktop.

Enroll for the beta program here.