Release: Fortisphere Virtual Insight 1.0

Two months after leaving the stealth mode, Fortisphere is ready to release its first product, also the first release of 2008.

Fortisphere is one of the newest startup included in the Virtualization Industry Radar, entering the so-called VM Lifecycle Management market.

Virtual Insight is the first module of an entire suite called Virtual Essentials, which introduces monitoring and inventory capabilities for virtual machines, from the virtual hardware to the guest OS applications.

As most VM lifecycle management solutions, this product offers virtual machines tagging and family tree tracking, along with a complete reporting system.

The next module, called Virtual Foresight, will instead bring in a complete policy management system as Fortisphere preannounced:

  • Migratory Policy Enforcement
    Embedded policy management ensures enforcement travels with the VM throughout the lifecycle, regardless of origin, organization, location, owner or state.
  • Centralized Policy Store
    Provides organizations with a central repository of operations, security, network, performance and management best practices.
  • Policy Inheritance
    Ensures parent policies are automatically applied to clones and copies.
  • Manual and Automated Response
    With built-in and extensible best practice policies, users can define a wide range of responses, from informational notifications to automated actions.
  • Correlative Policy Engine
    Provides correlative analysis of virtual machine and hypervisor data to evaluate risks and compliance violations in a business relevant context. The powerful engine leverages real-time application, configuration, and network information for policy application, evaluation and enforcement.

Unfortunately there no release date has been announced for Virtual Foresight.

The Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.