Live from VMworld 2007: Day 3

This is last keynote for this VMworld 2007 day. Dr. Mendel Rosenblum, VMware Chief Scientist, will take the stage, which is already full of desktop and servers. Some demos are finally expected today, after the disappointing keynote performed yesterday by Cisco CEO, John T. Chambers. will live blog during the whole keynote and update this post several times accordingly. Stay tuned!

Mendel on stage. He’s about to show future technologies VMware is working on.

He starts summarizing what today we achieved with virtualization (as a platform for hardware standardization), virtual infrastructure, and virtual machines live motion capabilities (also thanks to new AMD Extended Migration and Intel FlexMigration features included in modern quad-core CPUs).

Time to demo the first improvement which will be implemented in upcoming VMware Infrastructure 3.5: Storage VMotion.
An Oracle virtual machine is migrated from one datastore to another without recognizable impact on performances (big applause).

Now Mendel moves on virtual appliances: VMware is working on streaming virtual appliances for instant power on (applause).

Time to demo this new feature: through a prefetching technology one virtual appliance is being downloaded from one server to a client, and while still on the way the client already starts it. The guest operating system (Linux) boots on desktop before the download finish.
The technology is going to be applied to VDI scenarios as well (big applause).

Now Mendel moves to high availability and introduces the concept of continuous high availability, which is basically extending to memory and input devices interaction what is applied to storage data with continuous data protection (CDP) solutions well-known in security industry.

Time for a demo again: a Microsoft Exchange Server virtual machine is being replicated in real time from one virtualization host to another.
Every single operation is being replicated in real-time, including mouse movements, without recognizable impact on performances (huge applause).

Mendel closes his visionary keynote stating that VMware has just scratched the surface, and will offer many more innovations in future.

That’s all from VMworld 2007. VMware didn’t announce on stage Server 2.0 public beta program (despite one conference session is introduicing it today), but the upcoming continuous high availability that Mendel showed on stage is going to impact so deeply the whole IT industry (as well as the existing VMware partners ecosystem and the competition landscape) that audience is more than satisfied.

Thank you to all readers that stayed wtih us during this live coverage.

During these three days over 50 vendors issued press announcements about new technologies, products, partnerships. So normal news publishing activity will start again between today and tomorrow (due to the high volume of news that will follow next few days you may want to subscribe newsletter or RSS feed to not miss a single one).