Live from VMworld 2007: Day 2

Second day at VMworld 2007 in San Francisco and will cover the morning keynote as promised. Yesterday coverage has been seen over 11,000 times. Thank you for staying with us.

Today the stage will completely taken by John T. Chambers, Cisco Chairman and CEO, which is expected to unveil virtual switches for VMware virtual networking, as revealed last month.

Session will start in minutes and this post will be updated several times accordingly.

He starts making a long premise about how corporation needs changed over years, how CEOs and CIOs look for facing same challenges from different perspectives, how Internet impacted on productivity since 1997.

Cisco expects a second major revolution in productivity since Internet introduction, thanks to new generation collaboration / Web 2.0 tools. These tools are changing the support model, the sales model, the way companies innovate and acquire technologies (8 days instead of 45 on average). And they are being adopted in the enterprise market after a successful widespread in the consumer market.
To grant a reliable infrastructure for this second revolution Cisco looks at virtualization and convergence.

The long premise backs now a concept, Datacenter 3.0, where everything is virtualized: infrastructures (servers, storage, network) and services.

Cisco Virtual Data Center is now briefly demonstrated on stage: on a corporate portal a company representative can ask for more resources, the portal connect to VMware Infrastructure through its APIs, and on the back Cisco VFrame orchestrates the provisioning and physical resources partitioning.

Chambers keynote ends stating one of Cisco top priorities for FY08 is virtualization, along with green computing and infrastructure support for sport / entertainment.

In summary this has been a very unfocused and disappointing keynote, without new announcements and for sure not the expected virtual switches (which doesn’t mean it will not happen).

Tomorrow will cover last day keynote performed by Dr. Mendel Rosenblum, VMware Chief Scientist.
He will hopefully announce public beta program for VMware Server 2.0.