Vizioncore revamps its product line integrating Invirtus offering

Vizioncore and Invirtus are both virtualization companies controlled by Quest, which remained in stealth mode on virtualization market so far.

This behaviour is slightly changing since July, when Quest started shaping its company strategy allowing Vizioncore to resell Invirtus products under its own brand.

Surprisingly enough Vizioncore not only completed the integration but also revamped its own product line dropping popular names like esxRanger and esxReplicator.

The result is a brand new and articulate offering which addresses several virtualization challenges:

  • vRanger Pro (formerly esxRanger Professional)
    Provides image-level hot backups of either entire virtual machines or differentials – simply and easily while virtual machines continue running
  • vCharter (formerly esxCharter)
    Provides a top-down view of performance for the entire virtual infrastructure in a drill-down display that shows each level – beginning with the container and then through to the host level as well as all virtual machines
  • vReplicator (formerly esxReplicator)
    Supports replication of entire virtual machines including configuration settings, OS patches and the application itself as well as the data and all other OS-level changes
  • vMigrator (formerly esxMigrator)
    Migrates virtual machines to new platforms while keeping the source virtual machines intact and unmodified, allowing them to be used even as the virtual machines are ported to new production servers
  • vOptimizer (formerly Invirtus VM Optimizer)
    Reduces a virtual machine’s virtual hard drive to the smallest size possible and optimizes guest operating systems for maximum performance and portability
  • vConverter (formerly Invirtus Enterprise VM Converter)
    Significantly reduces the time and effort spent converting physical and virtual servers to VMware, Microsoft or Virtual Iron virtual machines
  • vPackager (formerly Invirtus Libra)
    Provides a virtualization collaboration solution via virtual appliances by extending and optimizing the use of VMware Snapshot and Microsoft Differencing Disk technologies.
  • vEssentials (formerly esxEssentials)
    A powerful bundle package consisting of vRanger, vReplicator and vCharter for organizations looking to enhance disaster recovery and simplify the overall management of virtual infrastructures.

It’s now very likely Vizioncore next step will be integrating these products in a single virtualization suite, going to compete even more against PlateSpin.