InovaWave announces optimization tool for VMware ESX Server

InovaWave is ready to bring on VMware ESX Server its optimization technology known as DXtreme.

This version, which will be available as beta later this month, features:

  • Intelligent Optimization Engine
    Improves utilization of hardware resources by leveraging core intelligent, adaptive and predictive optimization engine.
  • Resource Prioritization
    Ensures optimal performance by dynamically allocating virtual I/O paths for hosted virtual machines.
  • Resource Utilization
    Optimizes disk I/O operations by intelligently utilizing CPU and memory resources for more balanced and effective resource utilization.
  • Targeted Optimization
    Enables organizations to designate which virtual machines to optimize on each host server to ensure alignment with overall performance goals.
  • Full VI3 Support
    Fully supports VMware Infrastructure 3 (VI3) environments, including High Availability (HA), Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS), VMotion and Consolidated Backup (VCB).
  • Comprehensive Storage Support
    Optimization capabilities support iSCSI, SAN, DAS, and NFS storage configurations.
  • Optimal Architecture
    Complements ESX Server and provides an easy-to-use, low overhead, seamless solution for optimizing ESX Server. In addition, VirtualOctane does not require modifications to the guest virtual machines and is operating system agnostic.

VirtualOctane was originally named DXtreme for ESX, and it was initially planned for Q1 2007, along with a version for Xen-based products. Under the new name InovaWave now retargets for mid-October 2007.