VMware pays developers as much as Google?

Quoting from Bloomberg:

VMware, which went public last week and has a market value a seventh of Google’s, is wooing code writers with salaries that recall the dot-com heyday of the late 1990s, headhunters and analysts say. The salaries are more than other software companies in the area are offering, said Trip Chowdhry, an analyst at Global Equities Research.

Chowdhry estimated that Palo Alto, California-based VMware is paying $130,000 to $160,000, plus stock options –compensation that only Google can match, he said.

VMware’s hiring push “is a preemptive move against XenSource and Microsoft,” Chowdhry said. “Virtualization is very hot right now, and a lot of companies are thinking about buying it. That’s why VMware is engaged in aggressive hiring, with aggressive compensation, to stave off emerging threats…

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A demonstration that VMware is not the only company looking for talented virtualization developers is provided by virtualization.info Job Board: every day there are tents of new announcements from popular companies all across US.