Sample chapters of VI3 Advanced Technical Design Guide are available

In the last two years the most popular virtualization book has been for sure VMware ESX Server: Advanced Technical Design Guide, written by two exceptional authors: Ron Oglesby, CTO at RapidApp (now acquired by Glasshouse), and Scott Herold, former Director of R&D at Vizioncore and now Vice President of Engineering at Invirtus.

Despite the book, focused on ESX Server 2.x version, is yet to be considered old, Oglesby and Herold are already offering it for free, while working on next book: Virtual Infrastructure 3: Advanced Technical Design Guide.

This new edition sees Mike Laverick, well-known VMware trainer based in UK, joining as third author and taking care of a special section of the book: Advanced Operation Guide.

A 110-pages free preview of VI3ATDG is available online and covers:

  • Part 1 – Chapter 4 – VirtualCenter and Cluster Design
  • Part 1 – Chapter 10 – Recovery and Business Continuity
  • Part 2 – Chapter 1 – Installing ESX 3.x

Download it at the official website.

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