VMware (finally) confirms Propero acquisition

virtualization.info broke the news in April 2007, after a close analysis of IPO documentation VMware presented to SEC for its IPO. But virtualization leader never issued an official announcement in following four months.

Finally, a week after the launch of its successful IPO, VMware confirms the acquisition by redirecting Propero website to its own, and providing following note to readers:

Propero Limited Acquired by VMware, Inc. in April 2007

VMware expects to use the Propero technology and expertise to extend its Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) offerings and to provide a more complete solution for the discovery and management of virtual desktop machines.

There are still no mentions about the deal.

So far VMware acquired three companies: Akimbi in June 2006, a vendor focused on virtual lab automation, Propero in April 2007, providing a hosted desktop solution, and Determina in August 2007, a security firm busy on pro-active patch management and 0-day attacks defense.