KVM being ported to Windows and FreeBSD

After XenSource acquisition by Citrix, another breaking news is going to shake virtualization industry: young virtualization platform KVM, already included in Linux kernel, is being ported on Windows.

At the moment there are no more public details than a mention on official FAQs page:

3.4. Do you have a port of kvm for Windows?

Not in this release.

Company maintaining KVM, Qumranet is still in stealth mode but it’s expected to announce its first product before the end of September. During such occasion the virtualization startup may also unveil the upcoming port.

KVM for Windows would have a huge relevance in the virtualization industry, offering an open source alternative to commercial solutions made by VMware, Parallels and Microsoft itself.

Another young company offering an open source virtualization platform is german startup innotek, with its VirtualBox, but at the moment the product is oriented to desktop usage only.

KVM is also being ported on FreeBSD since May 2007.

FreeBSD is currently missing an enterprise virtualization platform and KVM may fill an important empty space.

More news about Windows porting as soon as possible.