How to subscribe contents

Since long time offers a subscription service for readers wanting to stay up-to-date with new contents.

If you want to receive daily news in the easiest way your best option is to subscribe the email newsletter. It delivers a single email per day, with all news of previous day.

If you are instead more technical and prefer to receive each news item as soon as it’s published your best option is subscribing daily news RSS feed. also offers a dedicated RSS feed for the Virtualization Industry Radar, the Virtualization Industry Roadmap and now, because of its great success, the Virtualization Industry Predictions.

All these subscription options are available at Subscriptions page.

Just a warning: if you are going to subscribe the email newsletter be sure to double check your SPAM cartel. In fact subscribing this option implies to receive (and reply) a confirmation email before you really start receiving news. If you don’t see this confirmation email within five minutes probably it has been cought by your SPAM filters and you’ll need to look for it.

Happy reading with subscription service.