Scalent extends support to 3Leaf products

Quoting from the Scalent official announcement:

Scalent Systems, the leading provider of server repurposing software for large data centers, and 3Leaf Systems, provider of next-generation virtualization solutions for enterprise data centers, today announced a relationship between the two companies that allows seamless interoperability between the Scalent V/OE software and 3Leaf V-8000 Virtual I/O Server in customers’ heterogeneous IT environments.

Scalent V/OE enables any managed server software stack to boot from and access specific SAN LUN segments from any physical or virtual machine — on the fly, without requiring changes to underlying physical assets. The 3Leaf V-8000 virtualizes the I/O for large pools of servers, delivering limits and guarantees to both networking and storage interfaces, allowing service levels to be dynamically modified as application demand changes…

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