VMware launches Fusion beta 4

VMware approaches final beta stage for its new desktop virtualization product, Fusion, targeting Apple marker.

Trying to compete with Parallels Desktop (reaching today version 3.0), which became highly popular because of its integration capabilities like Coherence and new SmartSelect, VMware delivers in this new build (48339) an impressive new feature dubbed Unity.

Unity provides what Server-Based Computing providers usually call seamless windows, allowing users to see applications inside a virtual machine just like they are installed at the host level.

See a video of Fusion beta 4 in action here or enroll for beta program here.

It’s evident both Parallels and VMware seem to believe Apple audience has different needs than Windows/Linux one. There is no other reason why features like Coherence, SmartSelect and Unity are not included in Parallels Workstation and VMware Workstation as well.

Strong integration capabilities greatly improve general operating system usability and should be extensively provided in any product, not just ones for Apple market.