Virtual Bridges releases Win4Solaris

Quoting from the Virtual Bridges official announcement:

Virtual Bridges, a provider of enterprise and SMB solutions using virtualization for business, announced today the release and immediate availability of Win4Solaris Pro Desktop and Win4Solaris Virtual Desktop Server (VDS).

Win4Solaris Pro Desktop runs as an application on x86 systems with the Solaris 10 Operating System (OS), allowing users to run Windows applications and desktops on such systems with seamless ease…

Virtual Bridges is leveraging QEMU virtualization platform in all its offering, from Win4Lin o Win4BSD, and this first release for Solaris introduces some interesting features like:

  • cut and paste between Solaris 10 and Windows
  • support for full desktop mode or floating application mode
  • resumable sessions
  • headless start for instant user access
  • local printing support

Win4Solaris Pro Desktop and Virtual Desktop Server are available immediately, starting for $149.99.

Given the remarkable acceleration Sun had on Solaris 10 adoption thanks to new licensing, and lack of hardware virtualization solutions for this unix platform (Solaris Containers are an OS virtualization technology), Virtual Bridges may have found the most profitable niche in the virtualization market today.