Whitepaper: VMware HA/DRS Solution Scenarios on Dell PowerEdge Servers

Dell published a new 14-pages whitepaper detailing setup and performances of VMware VMotion and Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) on PowerEdge 2950 and 1955 Servers:

Servers are increasing in performance at an exponential rate and customers are discovering that they are able to run many applications on a single server through the use of virtualization. This means that customers run the risk of multiple virtual server downtime if a single physical server goes down.

To mitigate this risk, it makes sense to use industry standard based Dell PowerEdge servers running VMware Infrastructure 3 to create a virtualization farm or virtualization cluster to host these virtual servers and the applications running on them. This solution provides server virtualization with load-balancing and high availability features that make it possible to manage a large number of
virtual systems across a cluster and also provide a mechanism to make the applications running on these virtual machines highly available in the case of a physical server failure…

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Thanks to VMTN for the news.