ClearCube extends Sentral support to VMware products

Quoting from the ClearCube official announcement:

ClearCube Technology, the market leader in centralized computing solutions, today announced ClearCube Sentral™ version 5.5, part of the industry’s only solution that manages virtualized PC desktops and dynamically delivers the required level of PC resources to end users. Building on the industry’s first connection broker technology, Sentral v5.5 manages mixed physical PC blades with VMware-enabled virtual machines to seamlessly incorporate virtualization technology into centralized desktop computing without sacrificing end-user performance.

With its virtual abstraction layer, ClearCube Sentral v5.5 is able to support multiple virtual machine types. Sentral v5.5 now includes direct interaction with VMware’s ESX3 APIs to control-power on, power off, hibernate, pause and cold start-virtual machines from a single networked location. Sentral v5.5 identifies virtual machines without the need for an agent in the VMware ESX3 host operating system, and allows customers to create true virtual desktop solutions, managing both physical and virtual machines together to always ensure sufficient end-user computing power availability. Sentral v5.5 also supports distributed PC blades and virtual machines at multiple locations while still managing from a single console to reduce IT management costs…

In future ClearCube Sentral, which will be available since May 2007, will also support other virtualization platforms provided by Microsoft and XenSource.