VMware releases Workstation 6.0 / Player 2.0 / ACE 2.0 release candidates

VMware continues progresses towards massive release of Workstation 6.0, Player 2.0 and ACE 2.0, all together in a single package for the first time.

All products just reached release candidate status (build 44426) but the only recognizable new feature appears on ACE, which introduces the Virtual Printer device:

VMware ACE includes a virtual printer that allows users to print to any printer available to the host computer from applications inside a virtual machine without installing additional drivers in the virtual machine.

(this new capability depends on ThinPrint .print Virtual Desktop Engine, natively integrated in ACE, as revealed by Warren Ponder, Senior Technical Marketing Engineer at VMware, in his blog)

New detail emerges about ACE editions: for the first time release notes clearly refer to a Workstation ACE Edition and an ACE Enterprise Edition.

Documentation provides further informations about Workstation ACE Edition role detailing that is:

The software used by the ACE administrator to create virtual machines and package them for distribution to ACE end users.

This may mean that customers will not have two different ACE versions, but just that Workstatioan will be able to create ready-to-go ACE virtual machines, something impossible to do with Workstation 5.5 and ACE 1.0.

Enroll for Workstation 6.0 beta program here or for ACE 2.0 Enterprise edition one here.