Xen integration in Sun Solaris 10 for summer 2007

Several news source are quoting the official Sun announcement about committment to integrate Xen in upcoming Solaris 10 releases. Every article also reports this integration should appear in next Update 4, which is expected during summer, even if Sun has not been so clear about release date.

This isn’t the only Sun strategy to offer Linux through virtualization: its OS partitioning technology known as Solaris Containers (or Zones) is expected to be further improved and introduce the new Solaris Containers for Linux Applications feature, able to run unmodified Red Hat Enterprise Linux or Cent OS binaries inside a standard zone. With further extensions of official support to other Linux and BSD distributions.

Solaris Containers for Linux Applications (formerly BrandZ) is already implemented in current OpenSolaris builds, but it’s unrevealed when bits will make their way to an official OS Update.

The virtualization.info Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.