Announcement: Rent-A-Lab

Today launches Rent-A-Lab: the first virtual datacenter rentable on demand.

Offered in partnership with Kybernetika, Rent-A-Lab is a high available, enterprise-class infrastructure you can reach, configure and control completely online, from every part of the world, 24/7.

It offers full control over 1 management station, 9 servers, 2 SANs and 2 network switches, allowing to do any sort of work through virtualization technology:

  • test a new software before using it in corporate environment
  • evaluate a new feature or a new beta
  • train company staff on new technologies
  • benchmark a specific configuration
  • study for a certification exam
  • show your customers a new product

and more. All from your notebook or desktop. Rent-A-Lab is made for virtualization, so each part of the infrastructure is certified to run the new VMware Infrastructure 3, Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 (and the upcoming Windows Server Virtualization hypervisor), Xen/XenEnterprise/Virtual Iron, SWsoft Virtuozzo or Sun Solaris Containers. But you can even use it to test virtualization solutions like ones from Altiris, Cassatt, Citrix, Dunes, Leostream, PlateSpin, Scalent, Surgient, vizioncore, VMLogix, etc.

Customers can rent full infrastructure or just part of it, depending on needs, for 1 day or more. Up to 2 week in a row.

To see a demo of what can be done with this infrastructure, to check equipment characteristics and prices visit the new Rent-A-Lab site.