Whitepaper: Best Practices for Migration to VMware Infrastructure 3

vizioncore published a short but good whitepaper aimed to help virtualization professional in migrating from VMware ESX Server 2.x to the new VMware Infrastructure 3, highlighting 10 major steps:

  1. Read all documentation thoroughly before you begin
  2. Identify each virtual machine and its associated host for migration
  3. Map interdependencies of virtual machines
  4. Create a schedule and workflow of virtual machines in required order
  5. Identify the method of migration
  6. Back-up your existing virtual machines and establish a fail-back strategy
  7. Always begin with a test virtual machine
  8. Perform migration steps in sequential order
  9. Manage your downtime window effectively
  10. Leverage automation whenever possible

While some points are really given for assured, others are good advices worth to read. Download it here.