Tech: Querying virtual CPU features in Virtual Server 2005 virtual machines

Ben Armstrong, Program Manager of Virtual Machine Team at Microsoft, published a useful script to verify which features the virtual CPU assigned to a Virtual Server 2005 has:

Option Explicit
dim vs, vm
‘ Attempt to connect to Virtual Server
Set vs = CreateObject(“VirtualServer.Application”)
‘Get virtual machine object
set vm = vs.FindVirtualMachine(“A virtual machine”)
‘Display virtual machine processor information
wscript.echo “HasMMX : ” & vm.HasMMX
wscript.echo “HasSSE : ” & vm.HasSSE
wscript.echo “HasSSE2 : ” & vm.HasSSE2
wscript.echo “Has3DNow : ” & vm.Has3DNow
wscript.echo “ProcessorSpeed : ” & vm.ProcessorSpeed

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