Parallels releases a new Desktop update and wins Best of MacWorld award

Parallels continues to improve its virtualization Desktop for Apple Mac OS, now reaching Release Candidate build 3120, and collecting successes, winning the Best of MacWorld 2007 award.

ArsTechnica reported some Apple customers preferences on Parallels over VMware, and several worldwide news sites are write VMware has limited impact on ones interested in Mac OS virtualization capabilities.

ArsTechica also published a nice interview with Ben Rudolph, Marketing Manager at Parallels, revealing some highly wanted new features in a coming major build of Desktop:

…hardware graphics acceleration is expected to come in the next major beta, which as I said in the paragraph above, will be available within the “next couple of months.” Yay! Ben said that other things we can expect are multi-core virtual machines/virtual SMP, some SCSI support, and “a more Mac-like feel.”

The next beta will carry even better USB 2.0 support, and there will even be iSight support within Parallels “within the next couple of weeks.” You don’t even have to wait for the next major beta for that one.

Ben told me that the next major beta will also have a more sophisticated Coherence mode…

Read the whole interview at source.