Tech: Programming VMware Infrastructure 3 with .NET C#

SeachServerVirtualization published a nice 3-parts article describing how to make the most of VMware Infrastructure 3 SDK with Microsoft .NET C# programming language:

The preferred mechanism for programmatically interacting with VI3 is the SDK, not the commands available in the ESX COS (such as the suite of commands prefixed with “esxcfg” found in /usr/sbin). The SDK is very powerful, and its power can be harnessed with another equally powerful tool, .NET.

In this article, I will discuss the two of the SDK’s concepts that one must understand to write even the most basic code, and I will attempt to relate new concepts to familiar ones in order to make them easier to understand. The first section will discuss the SDK’s two object types, managed objects and data objects. The second section will cover the VI3 hierarchy and structure.

at the next article in the series I will talk about what version of .NET to use, how to generate client-side code and demonstrate a simple, real-world program written in C# that interacts with the VI3 SDK…

Read the first part of this series at source.