Comparing SWsoft, VMware and Microsoft virtualization performances

At the end happened: Jess Coburn tried to benchmark SWsoft Virtuozzo 3.5.1, VMware Server 1.01 and Microsoft Virtual Server 2005 R2 (all for Windows platform) in a web hosting scenario.

Unfortunately Jess wasn’t aware of strict policy VMware applies to customers publishing benchmarks about its products, so removed actual numbers from his report.
But limitation in providing results doesn’t change final response: not much surprisingly Virtuozzo is the fastest.

Before going on and reading please note virtualization platforms benchmarking is a complex task, with multiple issues which VMware and SPEC are currently trying to address. Jess’ comparison has been made without a standard or widely recognized benchmarking approach.
It also compares an OS partitioning platform (SWsoft Virtuozzo) with two server virtualization platforms (VMware Server and Microsoft Virtual Server), which is pretty risky.
Last but not least used hardware is different for each plaftorm, which totally undermines comparison accuracy.

It may worth to read but evaluate results very carefully.