Virtual Iron first to support new Intel Xeon Quad-Core

Quoting from the Virtual Iron official announcement:

Virtual Iron Software (, a provider of enterprise-class software solutions for creating and managing virtual infrastructure, today reaffirmed its support for advancements in multi-core technology at Intel?s Quad-Core Software Symposium.

Virtual Iron is among the very first virtualization software solution providers to commercially support the new Quad-Core Intel Xeon processor 5300 series.

Virtual Iron?s comprehensive virtualization and management solution is very complementary to multi-core processing and enables end?users to fully exploit the power of quad-core technology. For example, Virtual Iron provides up to 96 gigabytes of memory per virtual server as well as the ability to do symmetric multi-processing where users can take advantage of up to eight CPUs in a single virtual machine, delivering the industry?s leading performance in a virtualized environment…