Release: SWsoft Virtuozzo 3.x Service Pack 1

SWsoft released a Service Pack 1 for both Virtuozzo 3.5.1 for Windows and 3.0 for Linux.

The update introduces several features:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0 Kernel Support
    Virtuozzo supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.0 kernel, based on the 2.6.9 mainstream Linux kernel. This release provides a higher level of stability and security and increases the range of the compatible hardware and software
  • Ethernet Layer Network Adapter Support
    Virtual environments now may use an Ethernet (packet switching based) network adapter, bridged to a selected physical network card. Virtual environments may run any Ethernet dependant application or service, including network load-balancing applications
  • VLAN Support
    This release supports VE network adapters bridging with VLAN adapters. Virtuozzo administrators can create virtual networking infrastructure meeting strict security requirements with complete network traffic isolation
  • Virtual CPU Management
    System administrators may assign any required number of Virtual CPUs up to the number of physical CPUs available

Service Pack 1 is available now for Virtuozzo 3.0 for Linux, while is expected within 1 month for its counterpart on Windows. Download trial here. extensively covered Virtuozzo in its review of SWsoft Virtuozzo for Windows 3.5.1.