OpenVZ introduces live migration in Linux kernel 2.6.9

After introducing the feature in April for unstable branch, OpenVZ team now releases it for kernel 2.6.9 stable.

Quoting from the OpenVZ official announcement:

The OpenVZ project ( today announced availability of its operating system-level server virtualization software in the form of a kernel based on Linux 2.6.9, including for the first-time in a stable branch, fully-tested and performance-tuned live migration and Virtual Ethernet device features.

With checkpointing and live migration, the state of a running virtual environment is frozen and the image stored on disk then restored on another server. The function executes between any two servers on a network, so the capability works for any server and any application. OpenVZ delivers this capability without additional requirements, such as a storage area network (SAN).

Also, the Virtual Ethernet device function allows for network devices to be created inside virtual environments using designated names and hardware (MAC) addresses that are different from the actual physical device…

Download new kernel patches here.