Opsware announces Virtualization Director

Quoting from the Opsware official announcement:

Opsware Inc., the leading provider of Data Center Automation software, today announced the introduction of Opsware Virtualization Director, the industry?s first integrated solution that seamlessly manages the complete lifecycle of both physical and virtual servers to enable management on an enterprise scale.

Opsware Virtualization Director provides comprehensive virtual server lifecycle management to accelerate enterprise deployments by seamlessly managing across physical servers and environments virtualized with technologies such as VMware, Microsoft Virtual Server, Sun Solaris 10, XenSource and others. Initially, Opsware Virtualization Director will support VMware and Solaris 10; support for other environments is expected to be added in the future. Opsware Virtualization Director?s integrated capabilities include:

  • Creation
    provision, activate and delete virtual servers on a large scale basis
  • Control
    start, stop, suspend and resume virtual servers as required
  • Visualization
    discover and view dependencies between applications, servers, network devices and storage
  • Tracking
    track relationships between virtual machines and their hosts and the applications they support; perform change impact assessments between applications, servers, network devices and storage
  • Standardized management
    seamless management across virtual and physical servers and networks encompassing the entire lifecycle, including patching, configuration, software deployment, audit and compliance, reporting, and best practices and policy-enforcement for the entire environment.

The Opsware Virtualization Director will be generally available as part of Opsware System 6 in the first quarter of calendar 2007…

Scalent too may be soon involved in Virtualization Director evolutions since the company entered the Opsware Technology Alliance Partner Program as charter member.

The virtualization.info Virtualization Industry Roadmap has been updated accordingly.