NEC launches VDI-ready thin client

Quoting from the NEC official announcement:

NEC Corporation today announced the launch of a new Virtual PC-Class Thin Client System. The new system includes the next generation of Thin Client computing device, the US100, which provides a high level of IP telephony and video processing quality in the smallest thin client footprint.

The device is designed to achieve the impressive multimedia performance through the employment of NetClient, the advanced system-on-a-chip solution that incorporates leading-edge technologies from NEC and ServerEngines? LLC.

The new system also features VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure pre-installed and pre-integrated with NEC systems through collaboration established under the VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Alliance program…

The solution is composed by the thin client US100 (costing approx. $439) and 2 possible management stations: the NEC Express5800/VPCC Virtual PC Server, if you don’t already have VMware Infrastructure 3, supporting up to 20 thin clients (costing approx. $16,176), or the NEC Express5800/VPCC Management Server, which act as middleware between thin clients and existing VMware Infrastructure 3 (costing approx. $3,301).

All products are expected to hit the market on December 15th.