HP enters VDI market

Quoting from the HP official announcement:

HP today introduced a solution that eases the management of desktop environments and lowers costs by reducing the need to over-provision IT resources.

The HP Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) provides customers with a cost-efficient desktop environment by consolidating many physical desktop PCs onto a single server that is centrally hosted and managed within the data center. The solution combines HP hardware and management software with services and partner components, such as VMware Virtual Desktop Infrastructure.

As a member of the VDI Alliance program, HP’s offering leverages Virtual Desktop Infrastructure from VMware.

The solution also includes HP Systems Insight Manager and ProLiant Essential tools to unify management of virtual and non-virtual machines. To meet their storage needs, customers can use HP StorageWorks storage area network, network attached storage and HP Modular Smart Array direct attached storage solutions.

HP Services completes the offering with VMware Capacity Planner assessment, installation and startup, consulting and integration, educational and financial services, and hardware and software technical support…