Data Domain joins VMware Technology Alliance

Quoting from the Data Domain official announcement:

Data Domain, the leading provider of Enterprise Protection Storage systems for disk backup and network-based disaster recovery, today announced it has become a VMware Technology Alliance Partner, with solutions for use within VMware virtualized server environments. VMware customers are now successfully applying Data Domain?s Enterprise Protection Storage Solutions within their virtual machine environments to consolidate their Backup and Disaster Recovery (DR) processes, eliminate tape and enhance the performance and reliability of their data protection systems.

VMware virtual environments consolidate multiple server, OS and application copies into ?.vdmk? files that are typically large and need to be backed up regularly and replicated to a remote site for disaster recovery purposes. This makes them ideal candidates for the application of Data Domain?s Global Compression? technology, which eliminates the storage of redundant information to massively reduce data volume. The high level of data reduction achieved by Data Domain systems makes fast, reliable disk backup and remote replication via WAN of these large files both economically and operationally feasible. Once data volume is reduced, a number of benefits become possible:

  • Backup is achieved in a dramatically shorter timeframe as .vdmk file compression is typically 40x
  • Remote replication via WAN becomes possible due to reduced data volume and the 99% bandwidth efficiency increase delivered by Data Domain?s replication technology
  • Faster, verifiable, more reliable restores are delivered by disk-based backup and Data Domain?s Data Invulnerability Architecture
  • Reliance on tape is eliminated, tape transportation costs and associated risks are also eliminated
  • Storage capacity and bandwidth costs are reduced
  • Data Domain?s compatibility with leading enterprise backup software and VMware?s native support for disk-based .vdmk file backup means integration of Data Domain solutions is simple