Fedora Core 6 includes a Xen GUI

The just released Fedora Core 6 introduces a user interface for Xen called Virtual Machine Manager already saw in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 beta.

Among several reviews eWeek published one with some mentions about this new tool:

We found virt-manager fairly easy to use, although the tool definitely shows its young age. For example, there’s a promising-looking?but for now inactive?option for connecting virt-manager to a Xen system running on a remote server. There’s another inactive option for managing hypervisors other than Xen.

As virt-manager matures, we’d like to see the tool offer more feedback when operations fail. Generally, when things didn’t function as we expected, the tool was silent regarding error or troubleshooting messages…

I wonder why a product in its early-development has been included in a so-popular distribution and its making its way in an enterprise distribution like RHEL.

With these premises customers will hardly rely on Red Hat for enterprise Xen deployment, preferring dedicated solutions like Virtual Iron or XenEnterprise.

Download Fedora Core 6 here and check from yourself.