vizioncore will integrate VMware Consolidated Backup in next esxRanger version

Quoting from Enterprise IT Planet:

Engineers at Vizioncore are already working on the latest improvements to the system. esxRanger Professional is being further upgraded to incorporate integration with VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB). Mohamed states that his company’s upcoming version of the product will also enhance VCB’s capabilities. VCB is a platform that enables backups to be performed on a proxy server that essentially offloads the backup process from the host to this proxy.

As esxRanger Professional performs hot backups without any agent technology, this means that no overhead will be imposed during a backup when leveraging VCB in the next release.

“VCB will snapshot the VM and offer it on the proxy server to be backed up by backup software,” he says. “Vizioncore will release the next version of esxRanger Professional in November with the functionality to enable the launching and leveraging of the VCB proxy server process.”

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