RingCube pioneers portable application virtualization with MojoPac

Quoting from the RingCube official announcement:

RingCube Technologies, Inc., the creator of truly portable personal computing, announced today it is offering software that for the first time allows any storage device, including iPods, USB flash or hard drives, or even cell phones, to mirror the capabilities and functionality of a private and secure PC.

With MojoPac, users can take all their information, settings, and applications such as Microsoft Office, iTunes, Adobe Photoshop, and top PC games such as World of Warcraft with them wherever they go, on any portable storage device, including ones many consumers carry with them every day. Mojopac transforms any computer into a personal computer, instantly.

To use MojoPac, consumers simply install the MojoPac software on their favorite device, install their applications and copy their files, select their settings and environment preferences, and then take it with them wherever they go. Whenever they plug their MojoPac enabled device into a Windows XP based PC, they can launch MojoPac, turning the host PC into a customized and private computing environment that recreates the same computing experience the consumer enjoys at home or work…