Virtual Iron launches its channel partner program

Quoting from the Virtual Iron official announcement:

Virtual Iron Software, a provider of software solutions for creating and managing virtual infrastructure in the data center, today announced the launch of its Channel One program for value-added resellers, systems integrators and consulting firms.

Virtual Iron has already secured a number of charter members in the Channel One Program in North America, Europe and Asia, including:

  • Akibia
  • Compsat
  • Continental Resources
  • Enterico
  • Dataline
  • Enterprise Linux/ Datum UK
  • Foedus
  • Logics One
  • Mandarin
  • Nissho Japan
  • NSI
  • Precision Systems
  • ProServe IT
  • Prosper Intelligence
  • Sigmanet
  • Virtualize IT

It’s worth to note here Virtual Iron saved a larger number of partners than XenSource at its program launch, despite the fact both companies product is based on the same engine: Xen.

It’s also worth to note Virtual Iron is already trying to permeate the asian market while its competitor chosen partners only in North America and Europe.