OpenSolaris now natively runs Linux

BrandZ is Sun project aimed to run unmodified binaries developed for other operating systems on the Solaris 10 operating system.

Originally called Project Janus and expected at beginning of 2006 , the company delayed the project and enhanced it, allowing integration with the OS partitioning technology Solaris Containers (aka Zones).

After more than 10 months, today BrandZ is finally integrated in the OpenSolaris (the open source edition of Sun Solaris 10) codebase and its available in the new 20060911 build.

The first available Branded Zone is the lx brand, which allows to run applications made for Red Hat Enterprise Linux or CentOS without further intervention.

Sun could officially release BrandZ in the upcoming Solaris 10 Update 3, where the technology will be called Solaris Containers for Linux Applications.