Softricity to cut down SoftGrid price as much as 85% published a list of SoftGrid prices which Softricity should announce soon.

The reduction is impressive, with some features like ZeroTouch now free, and it’s an evident consequence of Microsoft acquisition:

  • Softgrid Desktop Licenses: €32 / $38 (list)
  • Softgrid Terminal Server Licenses: €18 / $21 (list)
  • Softgrid Terminal Server Licenses will no longer be based on the concurrent number of users (as in all Microsoft products)
  • Softgrid ZeroTouch will be free and part of the Softgrid Server software
  • Softgrid SMS Connector: Free (if you have other Softgrid licenses)
  • The Universal Desktop license will disappear: it’s either a Destop or a Terminal Server license
  • Softricity Software Assurance will disappear completely

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At this point is possible Microsoft will offer the technology for free in a second time, after incorporating Softricity technologies in its products.