Hitachi entering in the server virtualization market

Hitachi is one of the main players in the storage virtualization market since years with its Data Storage division. Now the company is extending its interest in server virtualization with Enterprise Server division.

Quoting from the official announcement:

Hitachi has developed a hardware-based server virtualization system and will implement it on a new server module based on Intel’s Itanium 2 Processor 9000 Series dual-core processors. Developed based on Hitachi’s experience in virtualization technology nurtured on mainframes, the server virtualization system is made available on BladeSymphony, the company’s service platform that integrates blade servers, storage units, networking equipment, operating systems and other system management software into a single package.

The system, provided on the blade server unit of BladeSymphony, can divide resources on physical servers into multiple logical partitions, enabling the optimization of software licensing fees and operation costs and increasing efficiency in use of the resources. As a result, users can achieve a 30% reduction in total cost of ownership compared to conventional service platforms.

The server virtualization system will be available starting on August 31.