TextDrive offers Solaris Containers hosting

TextDrive seems to be the first company (advice if I’m wrong) to offer hosting on Sun OS partitioning technology: Solaris Containers (betterr known as Zones):

TextDrive’s On-Demand Container Hosting combines premium quality Sun hardware with the performance of Open Solaris and the flexibility of zone containers. You get root access to your own Container, guaranteed system resources, a fully maintained operating system and packages highly optimized for the platform.

We use Sun Fire servers with multiple AMD Opteron 285 (2.6 Ghz) dual core chips, and 4GB of RAM per core. The Opteron 285 is AMD’s fastest dual core chip. Each server has network interfaces dedicated to public, private and storage interconnects (see here) and are attached to network switches dedicated to each of those functions. Each server has a series of mirror pairs of ZFS-based storage accessed over the network. This ensures that your data is always consistent and always available…

With ZFS availability it seems a very interesting offering. Check yourself here.

Thanks to Hack the Planet for the news.