Novell to support only its own OS in Xen virtual machines

Quoting from the ZDNet:

Initially, Novell will support only SLES 10 in Xen virtual machines. The operating system includes a Yast management module that enables people to launch, kill or reconfigure different virtual machines.

IBM is supporting use of Xen on its System X line of x86 servers, said Dan Frye, the vice president of open systems development who oversees Big Blue’s Linux Technology Center. The company has worked hard to improve Xen, which plays to IBM’s strength in selling powerful servers juggling multiple tasks.

Xen will be remain in the prototype stage at customer sites for about the next year, and early adopters should start using it the year after that, Fry predicted. That means Novell’s half-year lead over Red Hat likely won’t give it a major benefit.

“I don’t think it’s a significant advantage,” Frye said.

Xen will be updated significantly with the Service Pack 1 (SP1) for SLES, expected in late 2006 SP1. That version will officially support Windows, SLED 10 and SLES 9, Novell said…

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