Tideway Foundation 6.0 now supports VMware, Xen, Sun, Egenera virtualization technologies

Quoting from the Tideway official announcement:

Tideway Foundation 6.0 allows IT organizations to cut through the complexity of virtual environments, penetrating the layers of abstraction and untangling the relationships between the physical and virtual worlds. Tideway Foundation 6.0 uniquely models and maps complex, virtualized, n-tier business applications, assisted by hybrid discovery techniques, removing the last hurdle to virtualization. It is now possible to visualize exactly how the physical and virtualized IT environments support critical business applications and gain direct access to compliance reports.

Tideway Foundation 6.0 manages virtual technologies including VMware (ESX, GSX, VMware Server, Workstation, ACE), Xen, Solaris 10 Containers, Egenera BladeFrames and Microsoft Clustering Services…