SWsoft announces effort to produce a standard benchmarking system for server virtualization

After last month declarations of SWsoft CEO about performance superiority of Virtuozzo over VMware solutions and VMware modification of its EULA to permit publishing of benchmarks on its plaftorms, SWsoft now moves further and unofficially announces they want to create a standard system for performance measurement on server virtualization products.

Quoting from the SWsoft blog:

After some thinking, we decided that SWsoft needs to take a lead and help create a virtualization benchmark that would allow IT organizations to assess different aspects of server virtualization technologies.

Here is the current thinking about the benchmark, and as usual I’m looking forward to comments:

  • The benchmark will be focused on server virtualization. When we have desktop product, we’ll focus on a benchmark for desktop technologies, but for now, it’s just servers
  • The benchmark will be comprehensive and will measure several aspects of the technology
  • SWsoft will work with all interested parties – virtualization technologies vendors, hardware and software vendors and, of course, benchmark vendors – to ensure that the benchmark is accepted by the entire industry

Read the whole post at source.

As you may have noticed between the lines there is a possible expansion of SWsoft on the desktop market. Are we going to see Virtuozzo for Desktop anytime soon?

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