NetBSD partially supports Xen 3.0

Manuel Bouyer, the current maintainer of Xen on NetBSD announced on the Xen development mailing list:

I’m proud to announce that, with today’s commit NetBSD has finally usable Xen3 domain0 support.

I added a XEN3_DOM0 kernel config file to i386, which will be build as part of release (the next build should have a netbsd-XEN3_DOM0.gz in pub/NetBSD-daily/HEAD/… on the ftp server).

Installing a Xen3+NetBSD system is much like a Xen2+NetBSD, you just need to install xentools30 instead of xentools20 from pkgsrc 🙂

For now, Xen3+NetBSD won’t run (at last it doesn’t on my system) on SMP system, you have to disable SMP on the Xen command line…