Tool: EZP2V

A new tool for free physical to virtual (P2V) migrations born: EZP2V.

As the Mike Laverick’s well known Ultimate-P2V, also this one is based on BartPE Windows liveCD.

In my opinion while free P2V is highly desirable to accelerate virtualization adoption, these tools are still too complex in initial assembling to gain mass popularity.
Abandoning BartPE (which is a great tool) in favor of Linux LiveCD solutions, would workaround Windows redistributable limitations, permitting to offer a ready-to-go solution.

At today the market still left space to offer a P2V tool which perform offline migrations for free, and requires a commercial license to achieve live migrations (like PlateSpin PowerConvert and Leostream P > V Direct now do).
Why nobody is catching the opportunity?