Surveys show virtualization diffusion in canadian market

Quoting from IT World Canada:

“Participants in our round table discussions said they were [unsure] about the hardware savings they would achieve in the short run, but really liked the flexibility virtual machines provide,”

The Forrester survey findings are echoed by a Canadian survey of 500 large and mid-sized firms conducted by research firm IDC Canada Ltd. in Toronto.

Twenty per cent of the companies polled had some form of virtualization already in place, while another 20 per cent intended to deploy the technology within the next 12 months.

The survey showed 60 per cent of North American companies have adopted virtualization.

Eighty-four per cent of the companies said they ran between two to six virtual machines (VMs) per server box. The remainder ran 15 or more VMs per box.

68 per cent chose VMware while only nine per cent sided with Microsoft…

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